Where Our Rescued Canines Rest and Ready For Adoption

BFA World Adoption Center

Our BFA adoption center acts as a hub to transport rescued dogs from the various shelters , from/to foster homes across Korea, and to various parts of the world such as US and Canada.

At the adoption center, we provide rescued animals with medical care, socialization & rehabilitation, training, and transport support for either domestic or international adoption.


Most of our rescued dogs lived in adverse conditions where they did not have chances to rest and relax, because they are mostly rescued from high kill & high volume shelters, cages in a dog meat trade facility, or puppy mills.

As soon as these dogs arrive at our adoption center, we provide bathing and any necessary medical treatment. Then we let these dogs relax and rest.

Our adoption center is a temperature and sound controlled facility with well managed hygiene where these dogs finally can rest and relax in quiet and clean environment.

We often see many of them sleep so peacefully, which breaks our hearts, while at the same time gives us relief that these dogs know that they are finally in a safe place without worrying being killed, abused, or stressed...

Socialization & Maximizing Human Interaction

Some of our dogs are rescued from unimaginable inhumane conditions such as living in cages and never touching the ground to walk, being tied up through their entire lives, or being neglected in high volume & high kill dog pounds.

At our adoption center, our volunteers and trainers provide human interaction and socialization activities as much as possible with the rescued dogs to initiate their adaptation to live with humans again.


Our center has two professional dog trainers who provide basic to advanced obedience training with rescued dogs while staying at the adoption center 24 hours.

Our trainers pay close attention to behavioral issues of our rescued dogs and work to correct those issues as much as possible, so that these dogs are ready and attractive for adoption.

Our trainers are also great resources for providing advice on behavioral issues of our rescued dogs to daily caretakers (mostly our volunteers), fostering volunteers, and both domestic and international adopters.

Our training sessions include outdoor activities (click the video below), giving opportunities to rescued dogs to run and play in a setting that can further help them to adapt to daily activities with their future forever families.

center outdoor activity 03292019 download

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If you have any questions on our adoption center or would like to visit the center, please contact us!