How We Rescue Dogs Under Adverse Conditions

What Kinds of Dogs We Rescue

Dogs living in floating cages.

BFA World rescues Korean dogs living in unimaginable inhumane conditions such as dogs living in floating cages through entire their lives. Koreans call this floating cage "theun jang."

The dogs living in this type of cage never have the chance to put their feet on the ground and are usually killed later to be eaten or sold for dog meat trade.

We buy these dogs from the owners or rescue them with the aid of Korean animal control officers then relocate them to our Adoption center .

Dogs living in high kill & high volume dog shelters.

BFA World also rescues Korean dogs living in high kill and high volume dog shelters across Korea.

We often rescue the dogs from euthanasia list published by these dog shelters, where even healthy and well behaving dogs are unfortunately killed when capacity overflow happens.

After official hand-over process of dogs from the the shelters, we relocate the dogs to our Adoption center.

Dogs living under negligence.

BFA World rescues Korean dogs who are completely neglected, often tied up through their entire lives, without regular walk or exercise and fed on food garbage.

We advise dogs owners to surrender their dogs if they do not want to provide or do not have means to provide good living conditions for these neglected dogs.

When the dog owners agree to surrender their dogs, we relocate the dogs to our Adoption center.